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02-02-2011, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by FarsightFrostwhisper
Look... I am really fine with how this is. Why? Because Federation appeals to 99 percent of STO players, while KDF is... well - their missions involve killing humans and that's something that a lot of people doesn't like, including me. Sure, flying BoP is fun, but honestly - KDF shouldn't be a full-fledged equivalent of the Federation faction, rather a pvp alternative.
Originally Posted by FizixMan View Post
From what I understand, this is mainly serving two purposes: experimenting with using the new dev tools in-house so that they may make better episodes and improve existing ones (including Klingon) in the future and to extend the game's tutorial elements into the first episode.
Originally Posted by DecadeComplete
you guys just got a bunch of new T5 ships. Chill out.
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I'm pretty certain that his remarks about the 12% of players on Klingon side came from their in-game data mining.
FarsightFrostwhisper ... interesting name, I'll say nothing more about that... I'd like to direct you to the fourteen thousand "Klingons need some love" posts that have all gone unanswered as the reason that even klingons who do manage to drill through the horriffic grind don't like the Klingon side. I'd further point out that there is no PvP to speak of until LG, max level, since feds don't queue in the first place. Your idea of there being ONE SIDE of a pvp event is, well, half brained.

FizixMan, welcome to the one year anniversary of klingons having no content. You sit around with a fist in an uncomfortable place while your everything gets nerfed every three weeks, and see just how happy you are that you're once again being passed over as not important. There used to be tens of thousands of klingons, now there's a dozen and all of them have lifetime subs and four or five federation alts because that's the only way to get any pvp going. The reason there aren't more klingons is because they've been ignored, and the reason they're being ignored is because there aren't more of them. Sound like a happy situation to you?

DecadeComplete, you get new ships every three to five weeks, we get them once a year. Bite me.

Peregrine_Falcon, datamining only proves that you've got available statistics, it doesn't let you know what to do with them.