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02-02-2011, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Are not firing arcs meant to be conical or nearly spherical in effect? So that a 45 degree cone for cannons and a 270 degree near sphere for beams?
This is what we get, yes, though it's not obvious from the displays. If you fool around with vertical positioning with different weapon systems you find that this is in fact what you get.

As for raven, I absolutely agree with you mate. The problem isn't actually the firing arcs themselves, it's the extremely unrealistic and NOT backed by canon fact that the vertical pitch is so severely limited. The 22.5 degree cone escorts get is fine, the problem is that there are positions where they are literally unable to maneuver that cone to face what's shooting at them.

Rather than limiting the weapons I'd much prefer they just de-limited the pitch angle. Solves the OP's problem AND gets rid of the annoying climb spirals we so often have to do to get to anomalies! Even if they just changed the pitch angle limits to +/- about 70 degrees that'd pretty much do it too.

Granted, it'd also help if they made it so that there was only one pitch angle limit instead of two. If you hold down a pitch change button while also holding a turn button, it limits your maximum pitch a few degrees more than if you only hold one of them at a time.