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02-02-2011, 12:11 PM
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Well done KazumaKat. This is good info for how to get the widest selection of skills with the limited skill points we get. It's been easier since the VA1 skill cap increase, that's for sure... RA5 really cramped my style. Heh.

I plan to keep this link and give it to new people as a solid basic primer for spending skill points. Certainly this is ideal advice for any casual player. But, as you say, it will be up to each Captain to figure out exactly where they need to put their SP. I think once a player gets used to the game and becomes more advance hopefully they will realize 9s are good in certain skills, depending on your build.

For example, if I'm building a DPS fighter, I might go ahead and max out 9-9-9 on my energy weapons. Or if I'm building a Healer, I'll max the skills that improve my Engineering Team, Aux to SIF, and HazEms. And so on. Of course this all depends on if a player wants their Captain to be Specialized or a Jack of all Trades.

Anyway, I have been keeping pretty good records of all my Alts as they progress and how each power has been affected by their skill increase. When I get a chance I will post some examples of how X skill bonus gave X increase to X Power.

P.S. Thanks for linking to my Power Calc.