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02-02-2011, 12:15 PM
To: Vice Admiral Jonathon Stipe
CC: U.S.S. Wave Eagle
From: Rear Admiral Upper Half Jerome Grant Orien

Vice Admiral Stipe, please try to look past the values of the Federation for a second. Take a walk down memory lane: The Dominion kicked our collective ***es, and darn well almost burned Earth to a crisp. Since their defeat, the technology they used has circulated around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Borg not only kicked our collective ***es, not ONLY made it to Earth, not ONLY BLEW UP HALF OF STARFLEET AT WOLF, but almost went back in time and Assimilated the entire Human population, and they would have, if not for a very lucky Captain. Borg tech has even begun to circulate the Alpha quadrant with their recent return. And let us not forget the Undine, also known as Species 8472, a group with ships with the power to cause entire PLANETS to de destroyed without even breaking a sweat. Not to mention their ability to morph into copies of any given person. We're lucky none of THEIR tech can be adapted to anyone's ships. And now we fight the Klingons, who have just as much knowledge of tech as we do, just as much shipbuilding prowess as we do, and weapon systems that far exceed our own in power.

My point is that its time to set Federation values aside to safeguard its citizens. As you origionally mentioned, the construction of a Dreadnaught-type ship would set off an arms race. The Klingon Neg'Var FAR outstrips ANYTHING in our Fleetyards in terms of power, except the Jupiter and MAYBE the Prometheus. We are formally at war with the Klingon Empire, and from my experience in the field, they will stop at nothing to finally accomplish their goal of dominating the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The thing that sparked the Arms race of the 20th Century of Earth was the creation of a weapon of deadly power- the atomic bomb. Former United States of America president Dwight D. Eisenhower, sometimes called "Ike" by his supporters, had two choices at the end of World War Two: Invade Japan, which would result in millions of American causalties, and possibly millions of civillian casualties, or drop the Atomic Bomb, which would only have to be used once, maybe twice to win the war, and could be dropped where it need be, which would result in primarily civilian casualties, but not as much as a full scale invasion. The Klingons tried to make something along the lines of the Atomic Bomb: Project Hura'Peng. I doubt you've forgotten that.

I'm not suggesting we make a Hura'Peng type project of our own- I'm talking about the fact that we need to step up our combat prowess. We need a true Battleship. You could argue the Soverign or Prometheus as Battleships, but the Soverign doesn't have the power or the manuverability you need in Space combat, and the Prometheus doesn't have the survivability.

MY suggestion is we take a Vo'Q, strip down some of the armor, Get it more manuverable, fit it with some powerful weapons systems, and take out the hangar bays, maybe replace them with sheild generators, or generators for Point-Defense systems. Maybe incorporate the old missile technologies of the 21st Century to counter the Vo'Q's fighters. Here's what I'm thinking:

Ceasear class Battleship: (Named after ancien human Roman tactician Julius Ceasear)
Hull Strength: 20,000
Sheild Strength: 10,000
Crew: 190

Weapon Slots: 3 fore, 3 aft
Bridge Officer slots: 1 Cmndr. Tactical
1 Lt. Cmndr. Science
1 Lt. Engineering
(9 total powers)

Specials: Passive: Point-Defense Missile system
Based on the old "Surface to Air Missile", or "SAM Missile", design of Earth's 20th Century, this system will automatically target hostile drones and fighters, as well as mine clusters and slow-moving torpedos, like the Plasma and Tricobolt at high power levels, and bombard them with storms of an upgraded missile technology, that hits hulls with high explosive power, and wrecks sheilds with a small EM burst upon impact.

Specials: Active: Ferrari Corporation Sport Antimatter Turbo-Injection system
I know that the Federation has no right to subsudize corporations, but hear me out here. Ferrari makes the fastest shuttles, hands down. Their racing shuttles can go faster subwarp than the Voyager's Delta Flyer at subwarp speeds, or any of our ships of the line at subwarp speeds. I say we comission Ferrari to adapt their speed boosters to fit this new ship. It could really help in a bind.

Specials: Active: Heavy Torpedo Cannon Mk. 1
This is a weapon being developed by the SCE, please don't tell them I have their specs. Or SI for that matter. What it does is it loads in 5 torpedoes, boost their power using a technique young Captains these days are calling "Torpedo High Yield", and then fires them at a single target. Most ships can only fire 4 torpedos maximum like this, and this does only add on one extra torp to the chain, but again, this is only a weapon Mk1 weapon just out of prototype testing, and ready for field testing. The Ceasear class would be the perfect platform for it, IF we capture a Vo'Qu to base the design off of.