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02-02-2011, 12:59 PM
Nice job on the Delta Flyer, Cryptic! I love the little Delta pet, too.

I have a few questions though. First, I didn't see my shuttle's name or registry number on it, after I changed it. Was I just not looking hard enough, or is it not on there?

Second, I've noticed you can launch either the Delta pet or the Runabout pet while on your ship (mine was an Intrepid Retrofit), but not both. Is this intentional? I can understand it if it is (they're both pretty big craft), but I was hoping to be able to launch my Delta, Runabout, and Type-8 pets all at once, heh. (You can launch the Type-8 with either of the other two at the same time, but not all three).

Regardless, thanks for getting the Delta out, and I look forward to using it later this week in the new episode!