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02-02-2011, 03:59 PM
Conversely, I love the four nacelle designs because they look so unusual. I wish I could make my ship look "thrown together", because my Captain is a rogue and a tinkerer, but I settled for making the nacelles on the Heavy Cruiser different lengths.

There are plenty of ships with the traditional saucer and cylinders arrangement, though, the Constitution Class, of course, and its two variants; the Galaxy, of course; the Sovereign, the Excelsior, the Nebula, the Luna, the Miranda, and even the Akira has a saucer variant.

Then there is the arrowhead and flat body model started with the Voyager. There is the little Nova, of course, the Intrepid, the Oslo Heavy Escort variant, the Prometheous, the Avenger, and even the Oracle. (That third "warp nacelle", BTW, is if I am correct not a warp nacelle, but a "science pod", which is supposed to give the ship interchangable science capabilities. And I think it is optional...)

Finally, there is the Saber, which to me looks like a saucer design with the edges trimmed off to make it look aggressive, and warp pods stuck on, the no-frills arrowhead of the Defiant, and the Hermes, kind of the evolution of both. And in my opinion the ugliest of the Star Trek ships, the Olympic and its ball. But the Olympic is totally canon. (And interestingly enough, based on one of the early concept models of the Enterprise made during the creation of TOS)

In short, while you may not like the design of all the of the ships, there's no need to give up. There should be something you like waiting for you at every rank of the game. If nothing else, you can just go with the Excelsior refit at Vice Admiral. That's basically the Enterprise-B, from Generations, you can't get closer to the original without the devs making a Constitution refit.