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# 1 delta flyer/shuttles
02-02-2011, 09:44 PM
hi all, if this sounds like a troll or an attemtp to flame then that is not my intention.

im at aloss to see the relevence to the shuttles in the game, the detla flyer and the runabout.

ive looked at their statastics and console slots and read that they match your captains level, but fact remains they can only fit 2 weapons 1 shield 1 engine 1 engi 1 sci 1 tac consoles.

i have absolutley no use what so ever for a ship like that. you cant even really use it in rp due to their being an excesive amount fo loading screens and every erea being an instance and probably the most important thing. ship interior still has utterly no use.

and thats before we go along the playability route. why would we fly a delta flyer or a runabout. its not like we can take part in stf's with them or even use them for missions.

they dont improve travel in sector space as thats pretty much the same pace for all players at which ever level they are at.

im not asking for these tiny little things to have 4 fore weapons and 4 aft with 4 tac or enginerring slots.

but you would have thought that these insignificant little ships ythat are quiet litterally of no use to no one would have some kind of usefull special ability that could indeed be used and implemented into fleet action or grouping gameing or just gaming for that matter.

it does not!!

if im missing something about these pointless additions other than their rp usage for what little that could be please can some one be so kind as to enlighten me. thanx

here are a few recomendations for cryptic to imporve the gameing pleasure of its ordiance and at the same time bring a bit more use and functionality to the ships which make the game the game.

1 - ship interiors are a good idea, but they are only a good idea if they have uses, for example right now the inside of my ship looks exactly the same as the inside of every other ships and if i may also add, the inside of our ships looks remarkably like the inside of a starbase lol. how big are those halls!!!!

so for the interest of gamers love for sto and the improvement and joy of sto to increase i propse scaleing the halls of our ship interior to a more realistic size. lets face it, right now we can fly shuttles up the corridors.

2 - ive still yet to find anything interactable. i wqould first like to thank cryptic for the interactable captains chair lol. not exactly usefull or of any point at all but its a start i guess.

and again not sure about the captains ready room and its mission console. bit pointless concidering we can use the other more swift way of simply pressing the L key.

i think its about time that these ere transporter pads had actually started to do their jobs and transport us. on all the startrek shows and films ive seen, the away teams have to beam everywhere dirctly from one of these pads. why is this not the case, secondly why isnt there research and development in science and engineering labs on our ships and why cant we furnish our ship interiors and create homes out of them.

also it might be a fantastic idea to get rid of the stupid replicator thing from our inventories and stick it all on the ship!!! i would particular find it a breath of fresh air to be able to aprooach a replicator and do the things we could before but on our ships.

and i also recomend our ships have storage vaults or store rooms.

all in all the ships them selves have little to no function other than spamming the skils to oblitarate ourr targets. how a bout a little more development in this area.

and for the love of god stick windows we can look out of on our ships and see whats going off out side, not this tacky esd window thing you have going on where they look like giant oil paintings that have no life to them.

even swg can do this and there game is god knows how old. im fairly confident that cryptic can achieve the same effects with far less effort.