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02-03-2011, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
I can say after reviewing this anniversary it was very hmmm not to fun. Not so organized and well while ESD looks nice and i would have enjoyed a mixture of turture tech with the new (OLD) ESD i will be fine with the graphic look. I am assuming we will never get cutscenes. also why is it possible to go to the lower deck if there is no purpose there. We told you before do not make useless places that have no purpose.

You guys at cryptic seem to be on the game if we make this look pretty they wont notice we have no real purpose for it. I am under the great impression that you guys are burnt out witht houghts of how to make star trek look. why do i say this. well u have the store NPC for officer training and fleets behind concession stands like they are selling something.

I would have to give this anniversary a 4 out of a 10. it was ok. nothing to be awesome about and nothing to be up in arms about. just another delayed long patch and clear function added to the game so people can waste more money in the game. I sense danger and greed coming. I sense the dark side is influencing this game. I sense we will not have function and many of you will be fooled by the junk and trinkets you can waste more money on in the game. Funny enough this is america and even though star trek wasnt about junk and false impressions but about knowledge and learning as well as understanding of technology this game does and has not taouch me anything useful. I expected to learn something. learn about the galaxy and well its many attributes. Oh well i learned that this company is about selling junk and useless items and turning star trek into a gimmick.

Thats my review on this game. one year and 2 months later and its a balloon of false testimony, junk trinkets and more items added to the c-store then the actual game. false statements by both executive producers and no real emmersion into the star trek universe. Despite many of you saying thank you for having players pay for the subscription or lifetime subscription and then having us buy more items on top of that. This is not star trek online. This is champions in space in star trek uniforms. The mere fact that this game shares the same sevrer as champions is true evidence that star trek does not have the full mind and attaention it deserves. The universe in this game is small, while everyone knows that the galaxy is not as small as cryptic makes it out to be.
Our fleet had fun with "Q" , ESD and Qo'Nos sorry you and UFP didn't

As to the rest of your post its pure hyperbole and a very cynical view of things...

I give your review a 2 out of 10