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02-03-2011, 10:08 AM
Well, from what I understand that extra slot that the shuttle takes up SHOULD be added to your roster when you do the mission that gives you the shuttle. So it shouldn't take up one of your available ship slots. If it does, then either you bought the shuttle (and can then delete the "standard" shuttle when you get it) or it's a bug and isn't working right yet.

As for not being able to get into your shuttle from your starship, as others have mentioned one of the devs is planning on allowing that, but it hasn't been implemented that way yet. If you want to get in it and use it to run regular missions, or search for data samples you will have to go back to a starbase and switch. However, the mission in which you NEED a shuttlecraft are supposed to switch you to it automatically. And a shuttle really isn't going to be capable of clearing a mission meant for a starship on its own anyway. So the idea of using the starship to do the mission, and then the shuttle to gather the samples, basically using the advantages of both and avoiding the disadvantages, you're not going to be able to do that right now.

Personally in the future I can see myself running to the shuttle bay to gather samples on occasion, but honestly it will probably take so long to go through the bridge and down to the hangar bay, walk to the shuttle and go through the launch sequence, that I will just gather samples with the ship the way I normally do. The shuttle will likely be used for shuttle missions and nothing else, just like it is intended. I'll WANT one, but I won't try to use it to do ship missions.