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02-03-2011, 11:17 AM
As mentioned, the shuttles are now planned to be used in SPECIAL missions, which will be balanced for their unique (weaker) capabilities. You will not want to use them in every mission, but you will need one for the missions where you will be required to get in one. If you do not buy or craft the Delta Flyer or Runabout, you will be given a "standard" shuttle that is a little weaker than those.

Honestly, since the Runabout was always in the game but never had a purpose BEFORE, I'm kind of glad to see them adding a purpose for it. Of course, you don't need it, and you don't have to take the mission that will give you a standard shuttle.

(I'll add that I mailed a new character I created some equipment he could sell for some money, and then bought him the Runabout to use in place of the Light Cruiser. It has actually been a challenge. It's obviously not meant to be used that way, though, since you can only get it at DS9 and it cost as much as a Tier 3 starship. I don't know if it still costs that much, but very few starting players would have that)

For your other points:

If you go to the Ship Customization officer on a starbase and select the Bridge option, you will get two choices. The first lets you choose your Bridge, so you can pick a larger or smaller one if you wish. After this, the second screen says "Layout" and then offers you a choice of Small, Medium, and Large. Choose Small, and you will have a lot shorter walk to get around your ship. The halls will still be the same size, but the various rooms (which are always going to look the same) will be at the end of shorter, straight halls instead of curved ones.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the size of the bridge, halls or rooms, as apparently the devs believe they need to leave that much room for free movement of the camera. Or perhaps to allow for mutliple players on the same bridge at once. I'd like the option to choose smaller rooms AS WELL as a smaller layout, but for now it doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

If you go to the shelves in your Ready Room, or in the Lounge on Main Deck, you may place Trophies there. Even if you've done nothing else in the game, I believe you'll be able to place little gold models of the ships you have unlocked for your level. Outside of that, the Captain's Chair, and the Mission Logs, that's all I've found that I can interact with at this time. However, the devs have said they plan to add more interation in the future.

It is important to note, though, that the devs clearly want to make it OPTIONAL for you to control any aspect of the ship from your bridge. You should be able to play the game without penalty without ever visiting your bridge at all. Being able to visit your bridge is meant for role playing, not to simplify or give you an advantage in gameplay.