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02-03-2011, 01:03 PM
Well, I didn't have Quicktime, so I had to install it (I curse all Apple products, because of the Mac, but probably not the way people think. My dad and I were big supporters of the Apple IIgs back in the day, and then Apple decided to kill it in favor of that... hunk o' computing feces, sigh. Anyhoo... lol), and I'm glad I did.

Pretty short video, but was well worth watching. It was cool seeing Chase's video, especially the blooper she did. (The whole thing was great, but that was my favorite part.) Makes me want to actually get off my duff and go watch DS9, which is a lot coming from me (I never made it past the first season, because I found it utterly boring and pretty 'un-Trek'.)

Thanks for the news, Rekhan, and thanks, Chase, for the video!