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02-03-2011, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by Dream-Weaver
hi all, if this sounds like a troll or an attemtp to flame then that is not my intention.

im at aloss to see the relevence to the shuttles in the game, the detla flyer and the runabout.

ive looked at their statastics and console slots and read that they match your captains level, but fact remains they can only fit 2 weapons 1 shield 1 engine 1 engi 1 sci 1 tac consoles.

i have absolutley no use what so ever for a ship like that. you cant even really use it in rp due to their being an excesive amount fo loading screens and every erea being an instance and probably the most important thing. ship interior still has utterly no use.

but you would have thought that these insignificant little ships ythat are quiet litterally of no use to no one would have some kind of usefull special ability that could indeed be used and implemented into fleet action or grouping gameing or just gaming for that matter..

I'm going to have to agree with Dream-Weaver on this. I understand the need to develop the most "important" items first in a game--especially a new one--but I was wholeheartedly disappointed in the runabouts. Honestly, getting a runabout was 25% of the reason why I wanted to play this game in the first place!

And when I heard that ship interiors had been added, I was thrilled. How many people have actually seen the inside of a runabout? Hell, the back of the ship had only been featured in ONE episode in the entire ST series! This was a great chance for the devs to show us their expertise.


Let me get this straight... the two SMALLEST ships don't have interiors?! The two smallest? That's like rebuilding a car's engine and forgetting to add oil. And now they're offering the Delta Flyer which also, presumably, has no interior as well and slightly better weaponry.

Dream-Weaver's right... Crypic dropped the ball on this one.