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Great job on the revamp of the first mission, I like the title sequence, the cut-scenes, and even going to my transporter room to beam out. Great success on those parts!

Here is where this mission fails as actual Star Trek:

Im a Tactical Officer in comand of a Star Ship, and I have a complete crew. So I beam over to the SS Azura with my away team; an Engineer, a Science Officer (with medical skils), and two Tactical Officers. The first thing I find is an injuerd crew member, and it seam I can't save him because I don't have the appropriate science skill. Fine, no problem, I can deal with that; so I target him and have my "Chief Medical Officer" hit him with Medical Tricorder 1 and 2, Vascular Regeneration 2, and Nanite Heath Monitor 1. Guess what no results! So then I start looking for the button to call my ship to have him beamed to sick bay, guess what, it doesn't exist.

So I ask around and find I need to bring players of science and engineer with me to solve a few "Class" specific missions. So whats the point of me having an away team, or even a full crew on a starship? This completely removes the the "Star Trek" feel the other improvments had given it.

To wrap it up:

I have a doctor to stupid to treat the injured and I can't beam them to my sickbay, so what would Jean-Luc do? Well he would just leave all those injured people laying there to die, because there is not one single person on the entire Enterprise who could figure out how to save them. NOT! - but that's what you would have me do.

I'm glad you're working try to make the game better, but If wanted to play RAIDS or be forced to travel in Fleets, I would have stayed with WOW or EVE.

This is "Star Trek", I am a ships captain, and up until now, the game made me feel it!

I sure hope this new idea of making the away team useless stops here.