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Originally Posted by exyle View Post
No you don't and there should be more for RP ers, take em away from twitter. And clearly this game WASN'T designed for Star Trek fans, look at all the Klingon grief!
Yes because lack of Klingon Content = Not designed for Trek fans...
The lack of Klingon PVE content is primarily due to the game being rushed. They had to choose between doing one really great faction and one poor faction or two mediocre factions. They chose the one most players would relate to. Yes the game was rushed but it was rushed by Atari, not Cryptic.

They did everything in their power to AVOID combat. Have you ever WATCHED the show? Janeway ROUTINELY targeted weapons and then "opened a channel," trying to "work things out." Review your dvds.
Yes and how often did they do that when they were at war with the specific group? None.
Let's look at TNG - All good things.
On the Medical ship they got attacked by two klingon ships. Remember what happened? They tried to get them to stop but they didn't even get a reply. Then the Enterprise decloaks and what does it do? Blow one ship to bits. No warning, no hails, no "let's talk this out" just "death".

In Sacrifice of Angels, there is no dialog, no "target weapons" nothing. They line up and try to kill each other.

As I stated, when you're not at war with someone, you try to resolve the issue peacefully. When you are at war, you don't. That's just the way it is.

Oh and you missed the daily with the Breen. You can use diplomacy to beam the prisoners off their ship and not fire a single shot.

Also remember that this is a game and it has to follow some rules. For instance, if you have the ability to perminately disable a ship. so do they. Just imagine if all they had to do was drop the enemy shields and "target weapons". You no longer have weapons for 10 minutes.
The same rules that apply to you should apply to them, otherwise it's not fair.
And what about PVP?
All you'd have to do is disable weapons and you prevent respawns meaning they can easily pick you off one at a time, wait for you to respawn, then do it again. A team of 15 players could easily become a team of 1 with 14 "disabled" ships.

That actually happened in Enterprise and they put the prisoners in crew quarters under heavy guard. Again review our dvds.
Didn't watch much of Enterprise. But even so, that's one. It was probably the Klingon Augment episode wasn't it? Well they weren't at war with the Klingons so why kill them?

There is no "looting" in Star Trek. The very idea is anathema to the Federation, watch the show. In Federation terms you would have to TRADE for upgrades or do the research yourself, or share research with other worlds.
Yes it is. But it's essential to an MMO. Of course, technically speaking, there's no such thing as ranked weapons either. Or multiple hit kills. So if you want to adhere to the show, you must have ships with fixed abilities, weapons, ect... that do not scale or rank up. (so your phasers at lt. rank should do the same damage as phasers in VA rank) Also, once your personal shields drop: one hit death. This wouldn't be fun for most people and this being a game, it's designed to be fun for most people.

Only if there is an attack. Feddies are like the Jedi, they use force for defense, never for attack. Once a ship reaches a certain level say 5%, it gives up hailing you asking to surrender or takes off limping or at warp speed. That's how most skirmishes end in every series. And that's only one episode.
Klingons never surrender.
Romulans don't either.
Nor do Jem'Hadar.
Enemies shoot once you're in range regardless of if you shoot first or not. I'd call that "an attack".

Once an enemy dies, have it beamed up by it's shipmates. Enemies RARELY die in Star Trek so it's not an issue. More often than not enemies should flee or you capture them.
Please review your DVDs. Voyager killed many Kazon and Vidiians. Heck, Janeway set her ship to self destruct and blew up an entire ship worth of Vidiians. They also caused a phaser feedback that killed every single kazon on the ship.
Picard killed many borg and remans. Unless you think those were set to "stun".

Also, if you captured them where would they go? A brig is not capable of storing hundreds of enemies, nor is it safe. My little escort can only hold about 50 crew yet you want me to beam over and capture 500 Klingon soldiers? Even IF I wanted to that would be tactically stupid.

I really should be employed by Cryptic to help design this game.
Not really. You don't know anything about game design. All you seem to know is what you see on the show. I'm sorry to tell you this but...
TV shows are not games. (except game shows)
You can not, under any circumstance, make a TV show into a video game without sacrificing something. Even in TNG- A Final Unity you had to blow up ships. I destroyed many romulan ships myself.

Look, this is an MMO. That means that each player creates their own captain. You can not write a game centered around an unknown captain and expect it to match a Star Trek story. Here, try this. Imagine TNG but instead of Picard it was Janeway. Same exact dialog and actions.

Now replace Worf with Spock.
Now Seven in place of Data.
Now put Kira in for Riker.

Keep all dialog and actions.

Does it make sense?