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02-04-2011, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by exyle View Post
That is so funny that you say you play STO to get away from politics. Then you don't really get what Star Trek was all about. It was about political discussions, disguised as a sci fi show. The fact that you don't want any politics with your sci fi says, you don't want Star Trek. You want some other space shooter game. The fact that politics is in the mission is EXACTLY what makes it very much like Star Trek. So funny that so many people here don't understand what Star Trek was all about.

Take the Bajoran Occupation.
Let's not and just say we did.

STO is a game. Nothing more. If you read politics into every nuance of an online video game, I pity you. Now if you want to get serious about Star Trek the shows, movies, and novels that's another matter. Still even on the small screen, they take a light hand to stuff like racism, discrimination, sexual identity, and that interracial kiss between Kirk and Uhura.

I'm a rightwing Republican living in the States. That political enough for you? I hear about liberals, First Amendment, media bias, angry mobs, partisanship, political grandstanding, and rationalization all the time. It's a cacophony. You don't think I deserve a break from that noise? Too bad because I won't be playing any more missions you may make. JMHO.