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Although I've been a long-time player , I rarely post. I went for quite a long time just lurking along, once the initial batch of doom-saying trolls back at launch rage-quit and the forums calmed down.

Now, once again, we are seeing packs of people post "feedback" and "requests" and "ideas" that fly in the face of the common experience of most of the community. I won't give a sampling of these, as you can find them strewn about across the boards like so many tribbles at ESD near Q's party.

Instead, I'll give my own feedback.

Point 1: Difficulty vs. Design : I am pretty much a mix of amused and infuriated at the people who are whining about the Cure and KA being "too hard". I'm not exactly sure what the problem is here, because each of them have their own little pet axes to grind and none of them respond well to logic, and if you actually demand they prove their assertions or explain what they want in anything of a coherent nature they accuse you of being a big meanie and run off crying.

That being said, there's a difference between "this mission is too hard I want my borg items WAAH" and some of the , ah, irritations that currently happen. It isn't that the missions are too difficult, it is that some of them are , perhaps, designed non-optimally.

We -- that is, the people who play the game as intended who understand that STF's are supposed to be group events to challenge players and provide elevated levels of difficulty for elevated returns -- do not want the STF's made "easier". And quite frankly those who want it easier should shut up. 99% of complaints about the STF's from those who run them regularly is that there are bugs, issues with spawning, problems with layouts, and generally things that could be remastered and cleaned up.

What we don't need is them made easy. This is supposed to be the end game content, in many ways, it is supposed to be an epic test of your ability -- not just to equip your character, but to actually MASTER all aspects of gameplay and teamwork. People who can't do this do not deserve the rewards if they cannot provide the effort. Period. Given that STFs are 1% of the game, nerfing the difficulty only screws over the people who want a challenge.

Point 2: Rewards tiers for lesser efforts

The borg equipment is very nice. It's nothing that you can't live without (I , myself , tend to prefer Aegis) but it's certainly very neat to have, and how it affects your ships is also great.

What I don't see , however, is a method by which we can have even larger events. Given the complexity of STF's, many people complain they can't even get in one to run it since KA is so demanding most experienced people are becoming somewhat leery of running it with inexperienced players. The alternative -- free-for-all actions like the Fleet Actions -- clearly aren't the answer either, as the shambolic mess that is the Crystalline Entity shows.

Obviously, STF's provide better rewards because they are a) difficult , b) require teamwork, c) are long as frack, and d) are something you only achieve at RA or VA rank. And that's great. What we need, however is something "lower-tier" , something that offers "nice rewards" in a smaller but open to all framework. The reasons are two fold. One, hopefully, it will provide an arena to learn the skills needed to succeed in Infected, Terrodome, Cure, KA, etc. Two, it will provide additional rewards of a nice nature for those who aren't social enough or able due to timezones to connect with a good fleet to run them through the STF's.

I make this point because some people have very valid arguments about the difficulty in finding a GOOD team to run STF's if you aren't interested in joining a fleet and if all you can do is rely on PUG's.

Point 3: Remastering efforts and feedback

Some people have disliked the remastering you did on the SS Azura mission, complaining it takes up more time and "gets in the way". I , for one, felt it was much more effective than the previous way the mission worked, especially as an introduction to STO. I would suggest, however, that the difficulty of remastering EVERY mission is probably not worth the friction or the time.

What I would like to see is the already awesome missions remastered, and I'd love to see all the weekly content stuff updated to this level of play. Suspect? Remaster it. Fighting the Doomsday Machine? Remaster it!

Remastering missions like dailies, however, is probably counter-productive. Anything repeatable should be randomized as much as possible, although some of the randomization needs a touch of debugging, like Borg in the B'tran Nebula using "I" and the like.

Point 4: Overall tone

Too many people recently seem to be complaining about things that aren't broken, and it upsets me because of all the effort Cryptic has put into this game. It's worth going back to posts from this time last year and reading the hilarious histrionics of people claiming the game would fail, end up like Hellgate London, etc.

I'm sensing this same sense of people refusing to listen to anyone who disagrees with them in many of the complaints we're hearing now. Too many people want an "I win" button. Too many people refuse to socialize, refuse to join fleets , won't research missions, and then complain about difficulty. Most of all, too many people seem to think that because they don't like Aspect A, anyone who does is "elitist".

Is there an elitist clique forming or formed in STO? You could say that. The guy who has 50 copies of all the Borg tech and 150,000 Marks of Honor and a thousand Marks of Exploration? Yeah, he's probably not feeling you if you don't know how to play the game. You shouldn't expect him to.

There are whole fleets out there that are for the express purpose of training people. There are people who will be happy to aid someone having a problem. Again and again, I see people refusing to listen in missions and STF's, running past nodes to aggro four groups of Borg, and when repeatedly told not to do that and why, they ragequit because "it isn't fun".

No one is going to help people like that, and the game difficulty is not to be adjusted for anti-social nimrods if you expect good results. Too many people are already "firm in their mind" about what is wrong and how to fix it, and if they aren't willing to listen or compromise they should be sidelined and ignored like the people demanding Bridge Commander style play and every other unworkable demand.

Bottom line: with the exception of the KDF stuff (which is a good start but needs a LOT more meat) , the missions are generally good. I can think of a few that irritate me, and clearly the STF's could use some tweaking and adjustment but the fact that some fleets can run them daily in an hour and a half with no problems indicates the problem lies not in the STF but in those who play it.

Don't dumb it down to please those who refuse to try.