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02-04-2011, 03:13 AM

I got to say , the chain holds are pretty annoying, and don't really add difficulty so much as irritation.

As for most of the other complaints, not too sure. I am getting very tired of people claiming the Cure is impossible to beat. It's long , and sometimes it can be frustrating, but sometimes it's very fun.

The bottom line is simple:

Assume that 80% of the player base is casual, and 20% is "hardcore".

The hardcore wants hard end-game content with elite level rewards, to pay them back for mastering the game.
The casuals want casual content that they can have fun with. (Like one ship can really fight off 3 Borg Cubes FFS).

The hardcore complain whenever their content is nerfed to please the casuals.
The casuals complain whenever the content is too hard for them to simply walk to the rewards.

What people are missing completely is the hardcore content is like, 1 to 2% of the game. So by altering this 2% of the game you can easily lose 20% of your user base.

And for what? So EVERYONE can have the top-tier equipment? What sort of sense does that make? I'm sorry, but in REAL life, your level of success is based on the amount of work you put into something and the connections you make. You do not get to live like Bill Gates simply because you want to.

Likewise, if someone is good enough to beat the STF's they should get gear that cannot be obtained elsewhere. The casual player (and mind you , I consider myself one) can whine about this until their tongue explodes, but there is no LOGICAL reason why someone who puts in more effort and more skill should not get a better reward.

If the reward was powerful enough to skew PvP or make the casual's gameplay seriously affected, it would be different. But it doesn't.