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02-04-2011, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by Noxsa
oh man i don't want to be the paranoid here but can a DEV or GM take a look at this tool, i'v seen many tricks to steal info or log/record keys ... yeah sorry very paranoid player here !!

i had never a game that got hacked "so far", but i know plenty of friends that got hacked, cus of keyloggers or tools installed for easy "use" of the mmo/game!
plus not to be rude, i'm so paranoid i always think that programmers build back-doors in there own software to get easy access to there tool!! well what can i say i'm paranoid :p
I completely understand your point. That is why I am happy to provide the source code to anyone, who wants it. You can download it here. You can check for key loggers, trojans, and back doors as much as you like and report the results on the forums. When you are satisfied, that I do not want to hack your game, account or pc, you can then compile it yourself to make sure, that the exe I provide in the download link has not been tampered with.

If you find any bugs or security risks, you are more than welcomed to report them. I'm not an expert in .net or c-sharp, so I cannot guarantee, that I didn't do something stupid or sloppy that poses a security risk to your pc.