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02-04-2011, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by exyle View Post
I don't see a I,II, and III just a II and IV.

I played II. Not much there, a few groups of pew pew. You basically ripped off the history of seven of nine, changed a few things here and there. You should become a sci fi writer, that's what most of them do. LOL.
Seven's parents were trying to study the Borg, they were scientists. Three's parents wanted to be Borg, they were nutcases like those on the roof in Independence Day. (to be honest, I didn't even remember Seven's backstory until you mentioned it)

Part II is a backstory to explain the rest of the series and I put in the intro that is was short and story heavy. Once we go to Holodeck, I may merge it with part III. Part V, when I finish it, will be looong and tough. So, keep in mind that all of these are building up to the last episode.

In anycase, you have to be higher ranked to play all four parts. I wish I could set them all to the same rank.