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01-20-2009, 04:16 PM
If you could choose to be an alien on Star Trek, which species would you want to be?

The alien races that really intrigued me are all the secondary and tertiary ones. Like the Breen, the Bolians and the Andorians - those kinds. The races that have gotten nods in the shows and you know that there’s a lot more to them, that a lot more thought that went into the creation of that race, but the shows and the movies didn’t really go into them. One of the joys of being on this project is getting to look at those races, to talk about those races, do the research on those races, and get those races a little bit more in the forefront. In an MMO like we are, which has got to be huge, we’ve got to go deep. So we really can’t just pay lip service to all the cool races in the Star Trek universe. We really need to get them – and as much of their history as possible – out there.

I love his answer to this question. We going to get a rich history of secondary races This open up alot of storys in STO.