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02-04-2011, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by wenexx View Post
But the science ships will all have three warp pods in the end, thats unacceptable for me.
The escorts become too much fighterstyle. I know the defiant looks nice and is big too but for me it always looked and behave like a small fighter and not like a big ship. The biggest eskort in the end are also too much racecar.
And last but not least, the cruisers have four warp pods after sovereign.
But at the end I will return to the cruisers.
Maybe I am missunderstanding you, but actually cruisers are the least class of ships with any "wicked" nacelle numbers or designs:
Assault Cruiser - 2 Nacelles
Star Cruiser - 2 Nacelles
Exploration Retro - 2 Nacelles
Advanced Heavy Retro - 2 Nacelles
The only T5 cruiser which stands out would be the Galaxy-X Dreadnaught featuring three nacelles.