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02-04-2011, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by spacegeek View Post
I certainly hope Jupiter Station is present at some point. The thing is massive and is the central R&D and construction centers of the Federation.

In my opinion, THIS needs to be expanded and made the Federation crafting hub. Memory Alpha makes no sense as its a library. It would be odd to walk into a library and see research scientists and engineers tinkering with experimental cars or aircraft (as awesome as it would be).

But seriously - Jupiter station is the perfect canon location for crafting and shipyards, so why not use this? I sure hope Cryptic havent overlooked it. I would love to go into orbit and approach such a sprawling monster. The size of 8 ESD's!!!

Linkage for win.
Yeah, hopefully both Jupiter Station and Utopia Planitia will be added when they open up the rest of Sol, which should be sometime this year.