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02-04-2011, 05:06 PM
Hot damn!

Yeah, I have to say I'm also really looking forward to tomorrow (1 PM for me).

That video was also a pretty good way to promote the Delta Flyer. I am making an intentional choice to go with the Type-8 Shuttlecraft to feel a sense of progression between the shuttles I'll get to use and to partake in a way that will feel meaningful to me in constructing my own Delta Class Shuttle; both whom would be spoiled by giving to impatience and grabbing the Delta Flyer off the C-Store...

...but the video does make me regret having to wait a couple more weeks for it. It also makes me wonder if the Flyer's warp nacelles will actually slide in and out when going at warp speed like it did in Voyager. If it did, I'd be very impressed.