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02-04-2011, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
The problem is that people are asking that it be served on a silverplate and its currently on a shelf so you have to stand on your toes to get it.
I do not disagree! There are some cringeworthy posts where people refuse to do what they need to and would rather write a dissertation defending their decision instead of knuckling down and getting it done. The legitimate objections are coming from people who are actually trying and willing to listen to complete a reasonably challenging exercise.

Originally Posted by Savnoka
Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but some people end up thinking video games are teh srz bizness. And that demographic is the one likely to spend the most on micros, recruiting friends and spreading word of the game.
According to Gozer's post about fixing these "raids" (he has the database, he should know) it's clear that most people are either opting out of them entirely, haven't leveled enough to do them, or are trying and failing...hence this thread and all the others, and the appearance of STF fixes as a high priority development item in the last Engineering Report. Put another way, there is not a majority of people that enjoy and actively run the STFs as they are, which is why they're being the demographic you mention above does not appear to have the effect you mentioned.

Very simple: High shelf "yes", sky "no". I don't think this means that all STO gameplay will be completely frivolous and meaningless as you seem to be implying. We're just asking for it to be brought within a reasonable, if challenging, level of difficulty without relying on bugs, exploits, memorizing which 2x2 inch square to stand in to not draw aggro, or relying on rote "maneuvers" being shouted at us by a guide. I should be able to form a casual group and play them to completion, with some exploring and figuring things out along the way, not having to coordinate the gameplay schedules of 5 people (anyone who manages people or sets up meetings in real life know what a challenge this is).