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# 4 In-Game Font
02-05-2011, 12:25 AM
I'd like to preface that I think the updates for the 1st anniversary look stunning. I absolutely love what's been done with Earth Spacedock--especially the updated shipyard. Visually it's brilliant. The new in-game font. however, detracts from the visual aesthetic of the game. If I may provide a couple of examples, the fixed width of the font appears to space characters a little too wide to be comfortable on the eyes, particularly when reading a long dialog box. Against the blackness of space, as it is such a thin font, when combined with the shadow currently in use, it can become all but unreadable against certain backgrounds. Worse still are item numbers in the inventory. The font is too narrow, and frequently blends into the background of an inventory item's icon, rather than standing out to inform at a quick glance how many items are present, effectively eliminating the purpose for the numbering system in the first place. Lastly, and while this is difficult to quantify, the new in-game font doesn't have that Star Trek look. I would ask you to revert the in-game font to it's previous state, but short of that I hope you're consider this feedback when making future UI decisions.