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02-04-2011, 11:35 PM
I must say, I really liked the video. I think it would be awesome if you guys could do these trailer videos for each episode, or each series that you do. Of course, that *IS* a bit of work.. but I think this sort of video content will drive interest in playing STO, particularly for people who may have played in the past, but let their memberships lapse.

The "Next time on Star Trek Online" was cute, but I think over time that gimmick will get to feel a little hackneyed. It might be better to simply treat the video as more of an opportunity to drive interest in the featured mission and in STO in general, rather than "dressing it up" in the clothes of a Star Trek episode commercial. How to do that, I'm really not sure. it doesn't sound so good when I type it out.

But I can definitely see anything "cute and cheesy" getting old after a couple of videos. The same way that people complain about putting "Make it so" on all the "Continue" buttons in foundry missions.