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02-05-2011, 04:16 AM
Thanks for the FAQ, dstahl. I do have a couple questions about the free shuttle, though.
  1. You said earlier that we would be getting a free ship slot with the free shuttle. Is this still the case?
  2. If we've already bought the Delta Shuttle and/or Runabout (like I have), will there be a chance to buy/obtain the Type-8 shuttle? (While I will be using the Delta Shuttle, I plan on getting all the different shuttles I can, in anticipation of when we have our shuttle bays.)

Originally Posted by Landon_Kent
Thanks for the info I am one who could not wait I love the delta flyer now all we need are some racing pvp missions that would be grand
Yes! I'm looking forward to when they will introduce shuttle races, as well as the ability to make our own with the Foundry.

Originally Posted by dukedom View Post
there is no restriction on the runabout. you can get one the first thing after the tutorial if you have the energy credits and fly to ds9.
Also, you don't have to fly to DS9 to buy the Runabout. Right now, you can buy one in the Ship Requisitions room of ESD. (That may change in the future, but I doubt it will.)