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02-05-2011, 05:34 AM

Hi there,

I think the 3rd Fleet could be just the place for you - We are a strong international fleet with English, French and German divsions.

1. International people (pretty much self explaining)
2. Activity in PVP
We have weekly sessions
3. Nice folks to chat and hang out with after stressful work, doing missions together, esp. STFs (which I haven't done any yet), DSE, War Zones.
We have lots of organised avents and many ad-hoc events
4. Some RP'ing without the need to strictly divide between IC and OOC, just casual character development. Maybe even a fixed time once a week for RP, that'd be brilliant.
We have English and German RP storylines or you can simply use the forum captains logs if you want to document the development of your character (we all enjoy a good read)
5. No "sell your soul" deals. I don't intend to quit any other community membership to join a certain fleet.
We do not have strict multi-fleeting rules - in fact I'd say we are one of the more relaxed fleets in this regard
6. Voice should be optional, not mandatory (of course makes sense in STFs, but sometimes I prefer just to type).
Agreed. We have a TS server but many people only adopt it for STFs

Check out the forum and see if you like what you see. Or chat to one of our recuitment officers:
Recruitment Commander - Commodore Oliver Ford - @oli4d1
Recruitment XO - Deputy Director Trip - @night04
Global/English Recruitment Officer - Commander LilStill - @lilstill
English Recruitment Officer - Commander Reizor - @reizor
German Recruitment Officer - Commander Logen Morgen - @Iceman338
French Recruitment Officer - Commander Cyluss - @Kilang