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02-05-2011, 06:29 AM
Time to start posting on the STO forums again.

Although a smaller fleet, the Captains Alliance is becoming quite active and continues to see new members to make it even more so!

This week alone has seen quite a few of us teaming up for patrol missions, Starbase 24 runs (a favorite place for us), as well as celebrating the new spacedock in game.

We even stood ready to assist our friends over in the 4th Fleet in anniversary activities should it have been needed!

Today, we are excited about the planned return of weekly episodes with Federation and Klingon runs through the episode set for both Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday ... We have added a group run at "The Longing" which is one of the Foundry missions that was ported over to the Holodeck.

In the meantime ... I'll toss a few more tribbles on the grill for our planned gatherings!!!