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02-05-2011, 09:57 AM
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ok ,

i have just started playing STO now im playing a paid version and what not so do i still have to do missions or can't i just roam around doing what i want without being forced to do missions cause at the moment i can not do nothing but the dam Prelude to a Crisis mission and i don't want to be doing missions 24/7 so can someone help as i can not abort this mission.

i was under the impression of this game being a free roam game not being forced to do missions so some help here would be nice on if you can free move or do i have to do nothing but missions ?

Advancement is based on doing certain things, story missions,pvp, exploration cluster missions, and sector defense missions, so it is mission based. You are in the tutorial, you have to finish it, then if you want to just float around and not do anything you can do that, but you won't progress or get mission rewards by not doing them. You've registered since '09 you should have read a bit and gotten a feel for things by now.