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02-05-2011, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by Elric71 View Post
Did it occur to you that the reason you are experiencing these issues is because everyone is trying to do the Featured Episode right now, even if you are not. The episode just went live less than 2 hours ago...The servers are getting bombarded right now, everyone and their brother is trying to do the episode right now.

I take it you don't play very often Jeronas, because up to about 2 hours ago, the servers were working pretty good, even with the extra people on "fishing" the fountian/tribble pile because of the 1 year anniversary. Wait an hour or two, the servers will probably be just fine as most people will have completed the 1st episode.
I do not care. That's why I stay away from that zone / sector!

It's a total fail... more better... a total joke that a little overpopulation in one single sector brings the entire server cluster to it's knees.

EVE Online would have died long ago and no longer be around if JITA or a Alliance war zone would bring down the entire Tranquality cluster time and again.

Like others have already said. This is an issue that goes back all the way to Beta!

Good to know they never bothered to address it.