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02-05-2011, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by TurboPimp View Post
So, I was Silenced today for promoting my fleet, every 5-10 mins. FOR 23 HRS

Why hasn't this been fixed!?

If i wasn't a lifetime sub i might just think about quitting, this system needs to either be removed and or, have it so that an STO GM needs to look over the chat logs before the system silences you.
Fixed? It's not broken. It's working properly, as designed and intended, and as wanted by the majority of players. If you got reported for spamming, numerous people thought you were spamming and independently reported you. So what you were doing was spamming. You need to refrain from it in the future. Once an hour or so is more reasonable to advertise your fleet, but my advice is, don't do so in chat. Do it here where it belongs: