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Originally Posted by Leviathan99
As I posted elsewhere, Chiron II only allows one BO to be selected if you use it as the first custom map.

To the OP, if you want a work around, insert a ground objective prior to the one on ESD. Make it, say, Federation Interior 01.

You will be able to set an away team then if it's like the Chiron II bug. You just can't use the bugged maps as your first ground map in a mission. It will work fine if there's a ground map before that.
Leviathan99 - your suggestion worked. BOffs will now beam in with the player into the Earth Space Dock Map for this mission. THANK YOU ! I added a new bit of scope to the action and it is now possible for 1 player to complete this whole mission.

Thanks to everyone else for your help and guidance as well.