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02-05-2011, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
Take a runabout or Delta Flyer.

*spoiler warning*

The shuttle is neat and all, but it cracks like an egg. You will have to fight some and the shuttle is weak (I was destroyed by fighters twice, and I had Aegis gear on it as well as purple MKX weapons). I'll have to wait until I run through with my alt to see how well the runabout works. But even your BOff says, "This would be easier with a runabout or Delta Flyer."

So, when you are able to get on the server, that is my suggestion.
Don't forget to manage your power allocation as well. In a shuttle, you don't have any BOff skills and you aren't likely to be able to break through a cloak, so there's no need for auxiliary power -- boost that to your shields and weapons instead! And don't try to take on too many fighters at once.
Also, if you happen to run into, say, some sort of environmental hazard, that could hit fighters just as much as it could hurt you . . .