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Since we have a moment and Dan seems to be buys poking around the forums thought I would repost this.

I posted it it Fed gameplay but got no feedback.

Leveling a new Engineer Fed and noticed a couple of patrol missions that should have diplo xp since both seem to be the prototype on which exploration cluster diplo xp is based. Yet neither one of them give diplo xp.

They are:

1) Cernan patrol mission in the Kassae sector

2) Honod system in the Xarantine sector

Neither gave diplo xp and they should.

Also the Erickson or system patrol has some features that seemed to be left over from the revamp for the Klingon raids. The sattelite now has a power converter you can target and fire on. Of course it makes sense for the klingons but not the feds thought maybe this could be looked into.