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I've just got back into STO, and I've noticed several changes regarding the Runabout:

1. It's more readily available - you don't need to go to DS9 to get one now.

2. It's hella cheaper! Thank the Great Bird - there's a problem when a pokey little bucket like the Danube costs as much as a Galaxy-class...

3. There's a pet version akin to the new Delta Flyer and Del Taco shuttle (which I missed - boo! ).

4. According to Starbase SIerra-39's shuttle requisitions, it's got new gear, like 360-degree phasers and the new S-type torpedo launcher.

I'm concerned by 4. - I've had a runabout for ages now, and while I don't remember having ever swapped out any components, I've noticed it's got different gear to what the new 'standard' version should have. For example, I've got 360-degree phasers, but level I in scale, not the scaling ones that come with the new shuttles. Similarly, it's just got the standard torpedo launcher, not the new S-type gear.

Is this something affecting all older runabouts and their equipment? And if so, is it worth selling it off and buying it again new to take advantage of the new stats?

Any help or info would be hugely appreciated - thanks in advance!