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02-05-2011, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
i must admit i do like an option to skip cut-scenes if you dont want to see them but i personally think there is a great opportunity to see events unfold 'off screen'.

id love to see it switch to a room as the camera pans around to reveal a reman, then another walks in and they have a conversation about all their evil plans revealing a little more plot and motive.

or even just an epic rotating view of the vault as you enter the map.

or as you exit some cinematic trailer as your ship escapes whilst being shot at and explosions and stuff happening in the background. id love all that stuff.
an option to skip cutscenes would be nice.

If done right, they can really enhance the game. However, I'm not a fan if they're intrusive to the gameplay.

If you take, Mass Effect, for example - the cutscenes tend to be more interactive with dialogue choices and actions for your character.

STO's are well-used in optional objectives but anything beyond that seems like it's breaking the gameplay portions up more than its contributing to them.

It's an interactive medium first, for me.