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# 3 Searching for a fleet....
02-05-2011, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by scottwears View Post
Im a senior officer in VOID fleet We would love to have a long time fan like your self join our fleet as for worthiness to be a member of something every one is worth and given a chance. as for wanting a team and fleet i like nothing more than sharing my missions with fleet mates we have members from around the world and hell im sometimes on neer 20 hours my self at times.

i would like you to consider this join us give us a week or two and we can see how we fit each others needs if you interested send me a message ingame via a tell or an in game mail
Thank you for the reply and the invitation. I didn't find you in game today. I checked again after the servers came back up this after noon, but then I was busy working through several connected missions. Do you have a working website available for your fleet? How many active members do you currently have in the VOID? I searched for the VOID fleet in game and didn't find it... is it listed as just the VOID Fleet?