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02-05-2011, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post

Why is my Bulletin blank?! This was supposed to be the method on communicating events and such in game yet you guys NEVER use it. I'm sorry, you used it yesterday to announce that the Episode would premiere tomorrow.

Why not use it TODAY to tell everyone that the mission launched also use it to tell both side where the heck to go and who to talk to.

The Mission FAQ in this thread should just be summarized and placed in the Bulletin system if not forever (assuming perhaps tech shortfall?) then at least for the weekend. Just have it pop up's silly to remind us of the mission the day before because anyone that wants to play it bad enough to plan a day ahead is paying enough attention to KNOW it's on that day :p
As another user stated - the bulletin was posted - so it is unclear to me why you did not receive it.

We are looking into expanding the bulletin system in an upcoming update so we will look into why you might not have seen it.

Quick question - is your pc default set to a language other than English?