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02-05-2011, 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by toddwr88 View Post
I had hoped that the this new shuttle craft would be just that a shuttle craft, that I could lunch from my ship, not a iddy-biddy starship that was just going to take up another of my ships slots. I was hoping it would be more like a playable pet that you would put in your inventory or a ship device slot and then lunch it like any other power, after that you would load in to the shuttle behind your ship and be able to fly off using it while your ship could be told to follow or stay put.

I was kind of wanting to use it do go pickup up the anomalies in a system once I had cleared it of any bad guys or for that matter to scout out where the bad guys where.

Sadly itís just another pointless rather useless runabout.

All and all FAIL.
I didn't expect it to launch from my ship, but can understand the disappointment. Love your ideas though and am happy to become a supporter. The docking procedures for space dock are awesome, but would like to see my ship go just a little bit further into the star base before transferring to the interior. I do worry about the engine Cryptic is using to develop and improve the game. It may cause a short lived mmo if cryptic can't adapt the engine to things like space bridge operations and the launching of a shuttle craft.

We are trek and we want more more more.... Thank god the devs want it too.