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01-20-2009, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
Personally, I think Snowflake should start coming into the Cryptic offices so she can maintain her own dev blog.
She's got an attitude. I'm not sure you'd enjoy what she'd have to say all the time!

But seriously though, how about some more hardball questions! What development methodology are you using...
Oh - you mean the boring project management ones? : )

Here goes: We use whatever methodology fits the task. MMOs are large and I don't subscribe to forcing a single methodology onto every aspect of the project just for consistencies’' sake. For content - we use more of a scrum/agile methodology that allows us to control iteration towards completion. For critters and powers - it's closer to waterfall, the workload for the different departments doesn't match up so well. Game systems – those have their own method too. For each piece of the game, it's own.

what task tracking system are you using...
We use a modified JIRA in house for the majority of the project tracking. For many of the other things - tickets, errors, crashes, etc... - we've grown our own. Cryptic's big on writing our own tool chain. We figure if we control it, we can make it what we want. I can easily imagine our own project tracking tools in the next couple years.

how many people are on the team now, and what's the team size going to be before the game ships...
I'm thinking it'll top out at around 40 people on the dev team. (Not counting QA, Core engineering or any of the fine people in publishing, OCR, CS or Ops.)

I believe that you keep a team small and you get ownership down to each member. If have a 300 person dev team - the majority of the people are going to come in and punch the clock. Build the assets on their list and go home when the boss lets them. But - you put together a team of 30-40 wicked talented and passionate people and you get people who will really get invested in what they're making.

With a team at that size, the artist who has a really good design idea feels like he can walk over to a designer and talk to him about it. We can all play the game, give feedback and feel as though our voice is heard. If you give everyone a MAJOR role and responsibility in making the game, people rise to it and it shows in the passion they approach their work with.

That's the theory anyhow. : ) It's what Cryptic has done for all its projects and it seems to be paying off.

and how many of those people are YOU responsible for?
Biologically? : )