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02-06-2011, 02:30 AM
some feedback on the mission: i loved the focefields and obstacles along, with the environmental hazards, classic trek mechenics. i think it could have gone further. let me explain. when i came across the plasma conduits i evaded them. then i came across the forcefields, i evaded them. i had a sense that if i encountered them, i would receive major damage or be destroyed. when i accidentally hit full impulse, my ship buzzed right through without a scratch. at that point, i just did that the whole way through. there was no sense of danger or "be careful." i think the destroyable locking mechanism and other mechanics were excellent, and could have been realized in this area more.

example: for the forcefields. if you hit them, you lose half your health in the first. the second encounter is a destroy shot. SO... options;
tactical: beam to the shuttlebay with a tactical team and set a spatial charge on the wall containing the plasma conduits that power the field. beam out. when the charge is detonated, it shuts down the forcefield. (this is I.E. a 2 minute ground mission)

science: scan the forcefield, allowing a green highlight to isolate and follow an energy gap where you can pass through.

engineering: when within 10 km, remotely reprogram the turrets to fire on the field generator behind the forcefield, shutting it down.

that would add to the tactical elements, AND allow for the sense of danger to those types of items along with ways to get around them. there is no point in being careful around items like that if they are mostly harmless