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02-06-2011, 02:20 AM
You know. I logged last night, my fleet and even the good people of tenforward told me that the mission was boring and tedious

I thought it was just like a really good episode of Next Generation. I love the actress you got to voice T'nae. It was a shame no one voiced Kyle but, no biggie

The Reman voice was just like Ron Perlmans in Nemesis which I thought was a nice touch. I liked having something to do class wise as a Tactical officer because it's not something I'm normally faced with.

The end conversation with Obisek I didn't understand. I did the diplomatic choices and he allowed me to explore the Vault but not leave. I expected my science officer to inform me of a plan to get out and away but, no, I had to reopen the dialogue tree and provoke him :S I'm not going to nitpick though

Job well done Cryptic. Nice set up