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02-06-2011, 06:06 AM
apart from the server issue k'mec passed through the thing not that great tbh, was stuck at the door lock until i realized a romulan shuttle and made it hard on myself... anyhow, goto the device and scanned it, took out all the fighters and bop but couldnt touch that mogai and just left it right away, no fighting it since its a different weight division.

celise had it easier probably because that characters skill set had just phaser skill training and not plasma, i tried to take down the mogai a number of occasions, i gave up that, took down 3 fighters in one go with a standard x photon bank and a standard x phaser bank, but passing through that shield destroying vault thing while fighting 1 fighter, the mogal followed through and i made it the other side but somehow the mogai ignored that part and somehow jumped and appeared on the otherside with no damage, caught me by surprise and died, anyhow it took me back to the start, took the bop and then ran like hell to that galaxy class cruiser.

interesting but to be honest i was hoping for some more then that, wonder what the next part comes up with despite a scorpion fighter that neither character can use.