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02-06-2011, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by TavisMacRaith View Post
Well, for those that ahven't seen it, here's what dstahl has to say about the disconnects. Frankly, it's news I can totally live with and will gladly give them time to fix
Oddly though there were no statistics in that post about statistics, we KNOW 12,000,000 are subscribed to WoW and we KNOW 300,000 are subscribed to EVE Online so is it between the two or below? Don't get me wrong this game is better than both as i have a lifetime in this and have only been subscribed to WoW and EVE for one month each. just be nice to have some actual numbers, as I checked how many were on ESD for the anniversary and it was 1400 people (I just worked it out from the instances don't know how accurate that number is).

Back on topic so this post isn't completely redundant; the mission was amazing the only touble i had with connection was at the very end, the story was enjoyable and the voiceover was a welcome change. Where i did enjoy the static in the nebular it should've been simply on the minimap as cryptic, if you're not aware you have made a pretty game with beautiful models, it's just a shame you hid it behind a 20th century aerial failure.