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02-06-2011, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by CedricO
i also used diplomacy, and got the schematics, would be odd if you only got them with diplomacy. lets see if we can compare and see what the ones who got the schematics did to get it:

I did all the optional objectives at start, but then went for the science one (putting the sat in maintenance mode)

i then accidently tripped an alarm at the door, which caused 2 turrets to spawn/activate, but other then that it dident spawn anything else. Proceeded to talk to the romulan shuttle that did not reply, then found the romulan refugees wich i used diplomacy on and got the "master key" or whatever it was. after that its prob the same for everybody, scan sphere, scan the thalaron reactor, then i used diplomacy on the reman who was very pleased by my ... refreshing truth or something like that ... after that it spawned 4 .... whatever it was, looked like anomalies but they looted schematics, killed everything except the mogai on the way out. ... done ?
I did this as well except, I did not find the Romulan shuttle til on my way out. I got a piece of the key by scanning the turret debris.