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02-06-2011, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Andrys View Post
Overall, the mission was a success in design and JHeinig's storytelling. The use of shuttlecraft was an awesome plot device, and alot of fun against fighters in the station. However, way way too short. Why did they build a huge new station (I think it's new, might be old; hopefully we will see more of that) to create a mission that is easily finished in 15-30minutes.

It's stuff like this that is killing the potential for any kind of rebirth a year in. Since dstahl said they have less than 200 at Cryptic and the majority on STO are for content design now, I hope that longer more detailed missions playable at any level appear more frequently.
Di you forget that:

1) This mission is only 1 of 5 in the series?

and didn't you think that:

2) Since Romulans are the next faction to be added (supposedly after Klingons are fleshed out) that that station might be a preview of what you'll see when the faction goes Live?
3) Same with the other things shown in the mission?

Yes, Cryptic has a small team (210 according to LinkedIn) - that means that, withplayers denanding various fluff all the time, that work goes exceeding slow over there on actual content like faction content. To me, the design of the Vaiult tells me that they HAVE been working on Romuland as a faciton, and that what we see (and have seen inthe Romulan update) are previews of what to expect when the Romulan faction goes Live, whenever that may be.,