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02-06-2011, 07:56 AM
I did kind of miss having a cutscene in the Vault.

I was, because of what I saw in 'Stranded in Space', Expecting we'd get something that would illustrate our shuttle entering the Vault - like, place the shuttle at a certain position, have it move toward a door, stop, show some indication of the door being hacked open (small Boff flyby text window?), have doors open and the shuttle then flies in and once it gets out of sight from the camera, transition to the next zone.

Another cutscene in the next zone could've shown the shuttle passing through the first door, fly in, then the camera would swivel to be right behind the shuttle and normal gameplay would ensue, with the Boff text window popping up as normal.


Yes, the part when we enter the Vault was one I felt was slightly jarring. I expected to have to find my way in, but all I had to do was get close and press F. It made me think "oh, I don't actually have to find a way in beyond just getting past perimeter defenses?". The Vault was an excellent mission and I had tons of fun playing it, but that teeny tiny thing was missing.