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02-06-2011, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by filbones View Post
Does anyone else seem to be annoyed by the rudeness of most posters who have been members for less than 12 months.
Agreed, but not limited to them, I see lots of Beta Lifers who have a bad attitude.

After coming from War and ****, itís a nice change to see promised items that actually come into the game not disappear never to come into the game (Warhammer) or get here look at this pretty video and forget how long itís going to take to do any of it, maybe in three years. (****).

This game has changed so much in just the last few months, we are going to have a third faction something not many other games can state.(a promised item) I don't understand the rudeness and hostility of a lot of the posters. This game isn't perfect, what MMO is or what person for that matter.
The growth of this game in such a short time, itís awesome, I really wish that they had more staff, to roll out some of this stuff sooner. I think they could really have something great here and could quickly increase their player base with just a few more additions. UGC (pvers) and a large RVR Territory control area (pvpers) and they will lock in very good stuff for both sides of the player base.