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02-06-2011, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
for those interested in the technical side of things, the tool works great - so long as you are dealing with your primary character in the cutscene. The problem with space is that you are not your captain - you are your ship which is a completely different type of "entity" and doesn't know how to obey all the acting rules like "go stand here, then do this emote, then walk over there". Your ship goes... HUH?
Thank you for the details, Dan! So the "Ground" and "Space" entities are more different than I initially thought. I thought our ship was only our avatar with different "skin" and a different set of controls.

I can imagine what our beloved Gozer will have suffered with the cut-scenes of "Stranded .."

I personally like the cut-scenes much more ground than in space. It's much better than simple dialog boxes. In space, for some reason, it bothers me less. Maybe because I'm seeing the outside of the ship and it makes sense to see the dialog boxes in your BOFF's. In ground is weird because you have them at your side.